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The Megadyne family of quality electrosurgical products utilizes new and innovative technology to improve safety , increase efficiency, and bring cost savings. 

Mega Power delivers an intuitive design and user-friendly interface with the power to perform consistently and flawlessly for efficient and effective surgical performance regardless of tissue type. 

Mega Soft Patient Return Electrode is simply set on the operating room table and is proven safer than sticky-style monitoring pads, with over 50-million procedures and zero pad-site burns.

Removing hazardous surgical smoke has never been easier or quieter than with the Mega Vac Smoke Evacuator, Surgical Smoke ZIP Pencils,  the telescoping UltraVac Smoke Evacuation Pencil, and Attacha Vac. 

ACE Blade, combined with the proprietart ACE Mode of the Mega Power Generator, can be safely used from skin to skin: incision, dissection and coagulation.

E-Z Clean electrodes, the original PTFE-coated non-stick electrodes, are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the needs of numerous surgical procedures

Lightweight, disposable and re-usable Megadyne's Electrosurgical Pencils are available in button switch and rocker switch configurations. 

E-Z Clean coated Laparoscopic Electrodes save valuable O.R time while the Indicator Shaft can make stray current from damaged insulation a thing of the past. 

Megadyne's line of Bipolar Forceps provides excellent coagulation and dessication for a variety of surgical applications. 

Megadyne's line of Suction Coagulators come in multiple sizes with both hand switching and foot controlled options, allowing for surgeon flexibility and preference. 

These disposable Lletz Loops electrodes are easy to use and will provide a precise specimen for examination. Each Lletz Loops configuration delivers excellent cutting characteristics for exact tissue excision. 


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