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Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope

Introducing the world's first dental microscope with integrated Full HD camera system

Imported High Quality Optics

The Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope provides exceptional quality and clarity, through the use of high-quality imported German glass. Each and every lens is multi-coated to offer apochromatic and anti-reflective properties as well as undergoing rigorous inspections to ensure quality.

Adjustable VarioDist Lenses

A VarioDist lens array integrated with the Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope allows for an adjustable working distance range from 190mm - 300mm, the ideal distance for the vast majority of day to day dentistry scenarios, making it an ideal addition to a dental practice.

Adaptable Wide-Field Eyepieces

The Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope is able to accommodate users who wear eyeglasses as it offers wide-field eyepieces that have integrated eyecups. The eyepieces offer stepless adjustment and can be easily adjusted with a range of +/-7 Diopters as required.

Ambidextrous 6-Step Magnification Changer

Magnification changer knobs are ergonomically placed on both sides of the microscope to allow both left and right handed users to intuitively select the optimum magnification from six selectable levels to get a broad overview of the entire work area or for up-close precision work.

Extensive Ergonomic Features for Extended Use

To allow users long hours of comfortable use, the Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope integrates superb ergonomics and user friendly features such as  a balanced armature that enables precise positioning of the microscope, inclinable binoculars with adjustable pupillary distance and the ability to alter the direction of the optic pod without changing the direction of the binoculars for comfortable viewing.

Integrated Full HD Camera

The Zumax OMS2350 Dental Microscope can be integrated with the latest FHD camera with SD storage. This is an excellent option especially for live surgery or teaching purposes.

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